POMS 2012 Conference

From April 20th-23th, team members from the ILPIL traveled to Chicago, IL to attend the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) Spring 2012 conference.

At the conference, member from ILPIL gave a presentation on the “Determination of Optimal Levels of Immigrant Labor in the Production of Fresh Vegetables” during  the Operations Management Applications with Agriculture session. The session was chaired by Dr. Villalobos.

The presentation focused on the technical aspects of the “Economic Impact of the Foreign Farm Laborer on U.S. Local Communities” project. Included in the presentation was the foundation for the integer programming model formulation and its applicability to studying the financial and productivity impacts of foreign farm laborers. The presented results include the marginal and total financial impacts of foreign laborers in the Yuma, AZ region as well as the impact from labor availability on the planted crop mix.

Please contact the ILPIL for any questions regarding the project or presentation as well as inquiries on obtaining copies of the report or presentation.

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